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Products and Services

Gas detection

  Gas detection services
Gas detection services available through Coal Mines Technical Services include repairs and servicing of electrical equipment, calibration and certification of equipment, sales and hire of gas detection equipment, and supply of disposable certified gas mixtures. These services are all available to all industries where accuracy and precision of gas detection devices is critical to safety or production...
  Gas Analysis
CMTS has a range of gas analysis services available including the analysis of mine atmospheres, interpretation of coal mine gases, landfill gas analysis and general atmospheric gas analysis. All services are undertaken by one of our highly skilled technicians either in our laboratory or onsite using a mobile laboratory...

  Diesel Engine Testing Services
The high economic and social cost of respiratory ailments, heart disease and brain damage associated with exposure to excessive levels of diesel engine emissions and in particular, diesel particulate matter (DPM), is now widely acknowledged...

SMARTGAS Ultra-fast micro gas chromatographic system
CMTS has utilised its years of experience monitoring and detecting gases in mine atmospheres to engineer a gas chromatograph (GC) system specifically to analyse gas samples from coal mines. The purpose built SMARTGAS system provides GC analysis to monitor mine atmospheres and identify potential or actual hazardous conditions...

SMARTGAS-connect (Whole of Mine Gas Data Acquisition Software Package)
CMTS has utilised its years of experience monitoring and detecting gases in mine atmospheres to develop SMARTGAS-connect, which is a whole of mine gas data acquisition software package. The software package is able to import mine plans and display and log underground gas data in real time....

Occupational hygiene management

  Personal Exposure Monitoring
CMTS occupational hygiene services are performed by a fully trained, certified and competent team and all assessments are conducted to the appropriate Australian Standard or International Standards. With laboratories located across NSW the range of occupational hygiene services...

Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM)
In June 2012, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organisation, reclassified diesel engine exhaust to be a Group 1 agent which are substances that are carcinogenic to humans. Prior to this, diesel particulate matter (DPM) had been classified as ‘probably carcinogenic’...

Coal Mines Technical Services NATA Accredited Laboratories and Workshops
CMTS laboratory and workshop facilities are accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and are maintained at the highest standard. Competent persons and authorised signatories ensure that the work carried out meets accreditation requirements. CMTS also maintains AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification...

Training and consultancy services

Coal Mines Technical Services Training, Consultancy and Workplace Education
Coal Mines Technical Services considers workforce education as an integral part of providing sustainable solutions. We offer a range of training, consultancy and workplace education solutions in a variety of formats to suit your training needs—from conducting a series of one hour whole of mine awareness training sessions, toolbox talks, through to in-depth management training and one on one coaching. All training can be customised to your individual site requirements...

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